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Yes, it is 100% free matrimonial and as good as other paid services on internet was launched by WebWalas for the people who are looking for a completely free and quality matrimonial service. There are many matrimonial services on internet that are offering so called "Free Matrimonial" but are they really free? No.. they are not free at all because the only free things you can do on these matrimonies is, you can make your free profile and when it comes to make contacts with other members, they ask you to pay something. So basically they are not free at all. But, on, EVERYTHING is FREE and when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING.

Here you can make your profiles for Free, you can upload your picture for Free, you can make your photo album for Free and on the top of everything, you can contact to our members for Free. Isn't it interesting?

Why is free? is an in-house production of and it is running on the matrimonial script which is also made by WebWalas, no other third party is involved in this matrimonial service and because of that Webalas is able to make it free for the people who are seeking for their respective partners and who are also not able to afford paid matrimonial. Our aim is to bring Free happiness if the life of singles and if even a single person is able to find his/her mate using Free Matrimonial, then our aim is fulfilled. We are able to make it free because right now Matrimonials4all is running on our own resources and we are able to afford it up-till now.

Is is as good as other paid matrimonial in the market?

YES, is offering you almost everything same as a paid matrimonial service can offer you. We have designed our matrimony service as a world class matrimonial service. And believe me it costs us a lot, but we are happy to offer it completely Free.

People think that if you pay for some matrimonial services, you will get good result. In some case it may be true but as far as is concerned, our services and support are as good as it is on other paid matrimonial sites. Paid matrimonial sites do not help you "Personally" to find your match, what you have to do is go there, make your profile, pay them and then search members and make contacts. So if you are doing same thing on for Free, then why pay for this service to others?

We have designed for every community and there are unique searches targeted for each and every community in India and Abroad. You can make your profiles and upload your pictures and also you can make your photo album, and it's all free.

Ok it sounds good, but how long will it be Free? will be free as long as we can afford the servers and development cost from our pocket. Don't worry; we are not going to be bankrupt in few weeks, so enjoy our free matrimonial service for as long as you can. Recommend us to your family members and friends and tell them to take advantage of our completely free world class matrimony service. We want to make it long life free if we can afford, but we know at some point we will be asking for some nominal fees in future. But right now it is completely free, so why worried about the future. Live right here, right now and use our free service as much as you can.

What kind of support we can expect on

You can ask for any kind of support what you get from other paid sites. For example, you can ask for profile help, you can ask for uploading your pictures, you can also send us your pictures and we will upload them in your photo album. Please contact us if you need any support.

Can we do something to support

Yes, you can support us by donating something in our PayPal account and also you can click on our sponsor's banner, these banners are running all over the site. If you are happy after getting your soul mate, then make us feel happy also, because happiness is all about giving.

Now, if you are satisfied with our statements then you can register yourself and start searching your partner right away!

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